Forest give human air, water and food. Forest give human wood to build home and more. Wood has always been human friendliest building materials and will always be. Vanachai sustainable business model use no wood from the forest so the forest can grow more for the future generation. This is the meaning of our company name. This is our philosophy for the past eight decades.


Our MDF board, particleboard, and OSB are the building materials for the future. Our wood-based panels are produced from agricultural and wood waste. They are 100% sustainable. They are produced with the highest efficiency leaving no waste and no carbon emission to our air. Wood-based panels are the greenest building materials so our future generations can have more forest than today.


Forest and future are together. Our children will have more forest than we have. We will not cut tree in the forest. Wood waste will not be burnt, zero waste production, no carbon emission, no more air pollution. Our people will have joyful work life. Our manufacturing customers will have cost efficient products with punctual delivery and seamless service. Our retail customers can pick up the greenest wood products for home and enjoy personal service at WoodSmith stores